2 Fabulous Archie Shine Robert Heritage teak sideboards arrive within days of each other !

2 Fabulous Archie Shine Robert Heritage teak sideboards arrive within days of each other ! You rarely come across either of these 2 models and amazingly we manage to source two of the nicest Archie Shine teak sideboards within a very short time .

The first one had been bought new at Heals in around 1968 and is shown in one of our catalogues as being the Gloucester . This came in 2 sizes , a 6ft ( 183cms ) version with only one bank of drawers or this rarer and obviously more expensive version at 8ft ( 256cms ) . We’re going to nickname it ” The Double Gloucester ” after the famous British cheese ! We bought it directly from the original owners who had looked after really well for some 50 years . All its going to need is a light clean and oil for it to look absolutely stunning . This model doesn’t come up for sale very often particularly this larger version .

The second one came with no history and isn’t shown in either of the 2 Archie Shine catalogues we have , so we don’t know the model name . Like so many Archie Shine pieces its not labelled but its a known design . Archie Shine pieces were rarely labelled as they were mainly sold through exclusive high end retailers like Heals of London and Chapmans of Newcastle who didn’t like to sell pieces that were labelled by their manufacturers . It’s slightly smaller than the ” Double Gloucester ” at 229cms , but still larger than most sideboards of the time .

Robert Heritage was one of the top British furniture furniture designers of the mid 20th century . His collaboration with the high end maker Archie Shine carried on for many years , but he also designed pieces for many other less expensive British makers from the mid 1950s until well into the 1970s as well as being a highly influential lecturer and professor of furniture design . The great thing about Robert Heritage is that he came up with so many totally different design features , so there is no one Heritage look . He definitely was not a ” one trick pony ” as the variation in designs on sideboards alone is tremendous , yet all manage to look modern clean and contemporary even 50 or 60 years after they were designed .

Archie Shine was apparently quite a character , but was passionate about the pieces his company made . If a piece wasn’t 100% right he wouldn’t sell it . He’d rather smash a piece up than have it leave his workshops with a minor problem . His standards were high , so the furniture his company made was always top quality , particularly in the 1960s when there were no financial constraints .