Amazing how Denmark produced so many great Mid-Century designers

Amazing how Denmark produced so many great Mid-Century designers

Denmark with a population of some 5 or 6 million produced a truly amazing number of designers in the 1950s and 1960s . In addition to 3 of the biggest and most important names Hans Wegner , Arne Jacobsen and Finn Juhl , there were a number of extremely talented prolific designers whose pieces are highly sought after today . Their designs influenced a generation and many still look fresh and modern some 50 or 60 years later . Some classic designs have been re-issued , others have never gone out of production . Those few still made in Denmark by a shrinking number of craftsmen are very expensive , others that are cheaply made copies made elsewhere are usually a pale shadow of the original pieces .

Kai Kristiansen , Arne Vodder , Illum Wikkelso , Johannes Andersen , Kurt Ostervig , Ib Kofod Larsen , Nanna Ditzel ,Peter Hvidt , Poul Kjaerholm , Borge Mogensen , Verner Panton and Ole Wanscher must then come to mind as they all contributed to the international success of the Danish furniture industry after the Second World War .

But then there are other well known names to consider such as Grethe Jalk , Poul Volther , Bernt Petersen , Hans Olsen , Arne Hovmand Olsen , Preben Fabricius + Jorgen Kastholm , Ole Gjerlov-Knudsen , Torben Lind , Poul Hundevad , Niels Moller ,Orla Molgaard Nielsen , Eivind Johansen , Tove and Edvard Kindt-Larsen , Jacob Kjaer , Einer Larsen and Axel Bender Madsen , and on the list goes and goes !!!

There are lots of names that can be added which are probably only known for 2 or 3 designs , names such as Kurt Olsen , Kristian Vedel , Rud Thygesen and Johnny Sorensen , Poul Cadovius , Poul Norreklit , John Sylvester and Jorgen Matz , Jorgen Baekmark ,Jorgen Hovelskov , Piet Hein , Soren Georg Jensen , and still there are more . We’ve just bought a lovely set of chairs designed by Rosengren Hansen and of course there is stool and chair designer Eric Buch . If you then look at Frederick Sieck’s book on Danish Furniture Design¬† and other Danish books you’ll come across even more names that deserve a mention .

No wonder there are so many great Danish designs by little known names , and so many that are as yet unattributed . You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy something wonderful that was made in relatively small numbers back in the day by talented craftsmen .