We buy Danish and Swedish vintage furniture in UK

We buy Danish and Swedish vintage furniture in the UK . We’ve travelled all over England , and into Scotland and Wales to source our stock . We also buy in Denmark , and also a few pieces in Sweden , The Netherlands , Belgium and France .

In the past few months we’ve bought all the pieces just from photos . We buy from private people sending us images , as well as from auctions , and also our connections in the trade . In one recent case we bought a number of Danish pieces from a house on the south coast , all of which had been bought new from c 1958 – to c 1968 . We also bought a number of British 1960s pieces from the same family who had sent details to about 8 dealers . A few of the dealers were only wanting to buy a Danish teak sideboard , and a set of Moller teak chairs , whereas we were looking to buy everything .

Some specialist dealers are only looking for the best pieces , but we have a wider buying profile as we sell to foreign as well as British buyers . One week we’ll be sending a van full of British teak to Europe , another it might be a container load to the Far East . Mostly however it’s single items or a few pieces to British private buyers .

As we have our own in-house restorer and polisher , as well as an upholsterer we’re happy to buy good pieces that have seen better days ! Sometimes a piece has stood in too much sunlight and faded unevenly . Other times somebody has been careless with a hot drink , or a leaking vase . Fabrics wear and get marked over time , so our upholsterer is ready to give a new life to a stylish sofa or chairs .

We’re mainly looking for pieces in teak or rosewood , and particularly those from the 1960s or early 70s . We do buy other pieces in chrome , glass etc , but only if they’re a little special .

Scandinavian dining and bedroom pieces are always on our want list . British teak by makers such as G Plan , McIntosh , A Younger , Dalescraft , White + Newton , Beithcraft , Uniflex , Wrighton , Meredew and a few others are particularly of interest .

The more pieces in one place that we like , and have a market for the further we’ll travel to buy . If we’re doing a delivery run or other collections that fit in well , then we do look to buy nice single items that can be collected en-route .

When sending photos please try and reduce them slightly in size if you can , as large images can take a long time to upload and can sometimes block other emails temporarily ! Always say where the piece /pieces are , and tell us of any obvious damage or marks . If you have original receipts , brochures or catalogues let us know , as information and history of pieces is of particular interest to us .We’re building quite a good archive of such material as not only are we passionate about the pieces themselves , but also the history and background stories behind their design and manufacture .