2 Pairs of French 1940s Vintage Oak Chairs

We’re offering these stylish well made French chairs in pairs.  Unusually they are veneered with a textured oak veneer which will have been more difficult and expensive to do than using a standard solid oak!  This must have been to achieve the lovely emphasis on the texture of the wood .

Style-wise, they date to the late 1940s or early 1950s, and are a nice neat size, and comfortable.  Probably designed for card players rather for dining, but would make great side chairs or desk chairs .

The original upholstery is a bit worn, but will not be too expensive to replace (depending on cost of fabric used of course) Just ask for a quote .

One pair have a couple of slight knocks to the arms, and we can look at restoration possibilities or sell them “as is ” for less than the first pair .1 PAIR SOLD .

Materials: Oak

Dimensions: (w) 60.5cm (d) 60cm (h) 84cm

Price: SOLD

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