30 Piece set of 1960’s Holmegaard Canada Smoke glasses by Per Lutken more available

30 Piece set of 1960’s Holmegaard¬† Canada Smoke glasses by Per Lutken more available

It’s rare to find an original set still in their 1960’s packaging . All 5 sizes in sets of 6 are there with no obvious damage . The smallest ones are for schnapps or as labelled for “cordial ” and are 8cms in height . The next size at 11.5cms are sherry/port . The middle ones at 14cms are for white wine , and next ones at 15.5cms are for red wine , and the largest at 17.5cms for water or ale .

Designed by the great Per Lutken in around 1954 they were produced from 1955-1990 . They were made in clear glass and this smoky colour which is more usual than clear .

Usually you’ll find these for sale in groups of 4 or more , but rarely a complete set and this is the first time we’ve seen them in original boxes . We do have more of most sizes available that we bought years ago on various visits to Denmark .

As you’ll see we also have a “York” range decanter and a “Martini” jug of the same colour by the same maker and designer which we’re listing together .

Price: £475 THE SET

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