Beithcraft teak sideboard designed 1965 by Val Rossi

Beithcraft teak sideboard designed 1965 by Val Rossi

Beithcraft were a small quality Scottish maker who having made more traditional pieces in the 1950s and into the early 1960s at first used the long established Frank Guille to give them a more contemporary modern style . He certainly designed pieces for them around 1962/63 . In about 1964 they took the talented Val Rossi from their larger Scottish competitors of McIntosh and his first designs for them date from that year . This stylish model was first shown at the annual Manchester Furniture exhibition in August 1965 and we found it illustrated in the September edition of the Cabinet Maker which was the British furniture trade magazine . It’s not labelled , but a labelled one does appear on a Google search .

It has a very Scandinavian look to it , and is reminiscent of models by Troeds and Ulferts of Sweden . Beithcraft were known for their great build quality .

The lovely sliding tambour door is a quality feature that isn’t seen on many British pieces of the time and certainly it would have added to the production costs . The lovely handles are another distinctive feature with a Scandinavian touch . All in all it’s a very smart sideboard that’s been cleaned and oiled so it’s now in great condition . There are no obvious marks or scratches just the very minor signs of wear that you have to expect after some 50 plus years of careful use by it’s original owner .

This model doesn’t turn up for sale very often but Beithcraft were a lot smaller than McIntosh and this model would only have been produced for a couple of years . It’s 213.5cms long , 45.5cms deep and 76.5cms high¬† .



Price: £1200

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