Borge Mogensen Armchair With New Grey Upholstery

Borge Mogensen Armchair With New Grey Upholstery. This model 160 armchair was designed by Borge Mogensen and manufactured by Fredericia Stolefabirk in 1961. As usual with this make the quality is outstanding, heavy and well constructed. The proportions of the chair are good with a generous seat and comfortable high back. The main chair sits on a solid oak frame.

The chair has been stripped back to the frame and the upholstery has been re built to current fire regulation standards using new foams and fillings. The top cover is a good quality grey upholstery fabric with a light thread running through it. We have a second one of these chairs in an unrestored condition which can be upholstered to match this one to make a pair or we can upholster in a fabric of your choice.

Materials: Oak

Dimensions: Height 94cm, width 81cm, depth 95cm. Seat 55cm x55cm, height 36cm.

Price: £975

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