Danish Dyrlund 1960s Teak Sideboard manner of Arne Vodder

Danish Dyrlund 1960s Teak Sideboard manner of Arne Vodder

Beatifully sculptured mid century teak sideboard by quality Danish furniture maker Dyrlund.

The sideboard dates to the 1960’s.  We are not sure of the designer, but Arne Vodders name is often affiliated with this sideboard. However, this is not the case as Arne Vodder was never employed or commissioned to design furniture for Dyrlund. There is a very similar design that was made by Sibast which was designed by Arne Vodder .

It’s the 3rd one of these we’ve had since July 2016 and just needed a light clean and oil to revive it . We think it’s probably the nicest of the ones we’ve had . It’s a lovely colour and has a nice grain to the teak .There is no obvious damage or marks , but as with all vintage furniture if you look at it extremely closely there will always be very minor signs of use after some 50 years .

Dyrlund was founded in 1960 at the height of demand for Danish furniture , and is one of the few companies that is still making in Denmark today .  We’d expect it to date from around 1965 to 1968 from past experience . The build quality of this model is fantastic .

Materials: Teak

Dimensions: Length 221cm

Price: £1850

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