Early 1960’s Scarce G Plan sideboard with black laminate top

Early 1960’s Scarce G Plan sideboard with black laminate top.

Possibly designed by Richard Young circa 1962/3 and only produced for a year or two. This lovely sideboard had some deep marks to the top so couldn’t be fully restored. We’ve had a new black laminate top professionally fitted by a specialist local company. Every year or two we find one or two pieces that have been so badly treated over the years that they can’t be successfully cleaned without bad marks remaining and this is one of those few that defeated our in-house restorer. It’s still a lovely sideboard and the black top is not only practical but also matches the black laminate backing to the inset handles.

G Plan in around 1961/62 tried various designs for furniture, some were too traditional, some like the Danish range were too expensive for many of their customers, whilst others like this were probably a little too modern and advanced. The Brasilia range of 1964 and then the later Fresco range were more suited to G Plan’s slightly conservative mid-range buyers tastes and were therefore produced in large numbers. Where as models like this unfortunately didn’t take off.

We really like the clean lines with the inset handles as well as the mix of teak and light wood to the bases which make it stand out as being ahead of its time. The jutting out handles of the drawers were also used on another rarely seen G Plan design of similar date called the living wall system. We have a corner bookcase system from the living wall system that we also sourced recently.

Materials: Teak, oak, laminate

Dimensions: 198cm x 43cm, height 79cm

Price: £675

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