Eleanor Pritchard Meldrum cloth on Sven Ellekaer Sofa for Komfort

Eleanor Pritchard Meldrum cloth on Sven Ellekaer Sofa for Komfort. This is the first installment of some new, up and coming projects which we have planned for the new year using these lovely woven fabrics from Eleanor Pritchard.

This Mid Century, teak framed sofa was manufactured in Denmark by Komfort and designed by Sven Ellakaer. Simple clean lines, excellent quality, the frame will be cleaned and the base re webbed with Atlas rubberized webbing as the original. The cushions which have been used are the original sprung cushions which are in good condition. We have covered them in new fire proof liners and the outer cushions are zipped for easy removal.

A set of Moller dining chairs in Eleanor Pritchard fabric are to follow in the new year. We also have a good range of armchairs, sofas and dining chairs which are available to upholster to order and other colourways, patterns and fabrics are available to choose from at http://www.eleanorpritchard.com/


Materials: Teak Wool

Price: SOLD

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