Good Victorian mahogany lady’s chair

Lovely, mahogany, Victorian buttoned back, lady’s armchair.

When choosing chairs and sofas from the 1860s/70s and 80s when this chair was made its important to choose good quality ones like this as there are plenty of lesser ones around . Whether good or bad they all cost similar amounts to re-upholster , so its worth paying a little more for one like this . Its a style which currently offers great value .

The mahogany is good , the carving is very nice and structurally the chair is sound. The seat would need to be repaired or replaced, but the buttoned back would be kept and restored.

Our upholsterer will charge around £500 with exact price and amount of fabric needed depending on detailing and whether plain or patterned fabric is used, or feel free to use your own upholsterer.

Materials: Fabric and mahogany

Price: SOLD

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