Johannes Andersen rosewood dining table for Charles Linneberg of Denmark

Johannes Andersen rosewood dining table for Charles Linneberg of Denmark

We’ve had it re-polished by our in-house restorer and as you’ll see it has a lovely dramatic grain .  It will seat 10 when fully extended . The 2 leaves sit under the table when not in use , so they don’t have to be stored elsewhere when not in use . The legs can be removed as with most Danish dining tables so it is easy to move and also to store .

It’s photographed with the set of 10 Johannes Andersen chairs by the same maker that came with it when we bought it from the family of the original owner . Its extremely rare to find carver chairs of this model . These are listed separately .

Johannes Andersen was one of the most successful and prolific Danish designers in the 1950s and 1960s . Finn Juhl , Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen are the most famous designers of the period , but next come around 10 highly talented and sought after designers of which Johannes Andersen is one . Amazingly Denmark with around only 5 million inhabitants produced dozens of designers who on their day could come up with beautiful furniture designs .

It will comfortably seat 4 at each side when extended  and then it’s possible to seat 1 at each end to bring it up to a 10 seat table . Most of the mid-century tables we get are 6/8 seaters at around 200-220cms fully extended , then come a few tables of this size and then very very rarely come ones that extend to around 280cms -300cms .


Materials: rosewood veneer and solid rosewood

Dimensions: 165cms x 90cms + 2 x 50cm leaves

Price: £1950

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