Kai Kristiansen teak wall system by Feldballes Mobler of Denmark PART 1

Kai Kristiansen teak wall system by Feldballes Mobler of Denmark PART 1

We are going to put a 2nd listing on to show further details.

The 2 open cabinets have their original sliding glass doors but we had misplaced these when the system was set up in our photography area! We found them 2 days later and they’re clear glass in good vintage condition.

Like all such systems the units and shelves  can be moved around to suit. You do need to fix the uprights to a structural wall as the system is heavy even without contents. Like the Danish systems by Poul Cadovius the quality is far better than the commonly seen British Ladderax even though it wasn’t a great deal more expensive back in the day. 25% more money got you much better quality in the 1960’s and 1970’s whereas today it doesn’t make that much difference with new furniture. If you wanted a cheaper Danish system back in the 1960’s and 70’s there was the PS system but again there is a big difference in quality.

The uprights are about 217cm’s in height and luckily we had a couple of spare ones as some of the originals had been cut when the previous owners moved to a smaller house with an angled ceiling. The units are 85.5cm’s in width.

All pieces have been given a light clean and oil as there were a few minor marks after some 45 years of use. Like all top quality pieces of this era they cleaned easily and there are no obvious signs of damage but you must expect minor signs of wear if you look extremely closely with any vintage piece. There is an electric overhead light fitting in this system which will need re-wiring and possibly replacing with a new tube fitting.

We bought this locally from the original owners who bought it new in the early 1970’s from Callers of Newcastle upon Tyne. It originally came with teak backboards but two of the 4 were cut and adapted when they moved house a few years later to fit in a smaller room with a sloping ceiling to one side. These backboards are available if wanted.

Further photos  http://www.pureimaginations.co.uk/collection/kai-kristiansen-teak-wall-system-by-feldballes-mobelfabrik-part-2/

Price: £2250

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