Kurt Ostervig rosewood dining table for Jason of Denmark

Kurt Ostervig rosewood dining table for Jason of Denmark . This model was particularly popular in the Newcastle and Sunderland area  and we’ve handled a number of them over the years , both in teak and in rosewood . None of them have been labelled apart from the odd one like this with a retailers name , in this case Chapmans Siesta House of Newcastle . For many years , no designer or maker’s name was ever given for this fantastic piece , then around 5 or 6 years ago everybody in the UK and Denmark ( where it’s rarely seen ) started describing it as being a Kurt Ostervig design for Jason . However one very expensive London dealer and another in New York are now saying its Neils Koefoed for Hornslet Mobler of Denmark ! We’ve just checked the Danish Design Museum Furniture Index and they’re showing it as Kurt Ostervig for Jason , along with a related coffee table with a good provenance as being Ostervig .Whichever it is it’s a superbly stylish beautifully made piece of furniture .

Every time we’ve seen this table it’s come with a different model of chair , usually Danish , but in this case it was a set of Robert Heritage chairs for Archie Shine , which we’ll be listing soon . So the chair design doesn’t help with the attribution of the table .

Everybody seems to agree as to the date of the design being circa 1964 . This one along with many you’ll find online doesn’t have rosewood legs , they’re a stained wood ( possibly mahogany ) and we assume that only the earliest ones have rosewood legs , and that those like this one that have stained legs date to the late 1960s or early 1970s . We sourced this from a local family who had bought it new probably in the late 1960s going on the other pieces in the house . It was a little faded after almost 50 years of careful use , but otherwise in lovely vintage condition with no heat or water marks or obvious scratches . We’ve had it cleaned and re-polished which has restored the colour beautifully . We’ve not given it too glossy a polish , just a nice natural shine .

It’s a stand-out piece that’s unlike any other dining table you will see , but do remember it’s only designed to take 6 people comfortably . We have a lot more photos available so just ask .

Materials: rosewood and stained mahogany

Price: SOLD

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