Mid Century British teak room divider

Mid Century British teak room divider.

Unusual British teak room divider c 1960 first photos

This fantastic piece needs more than 6 photos to show all the interesting details so we’re adding a second listing with 6 more !

It’s lovely quality and extremely heavy . We can’t find anything quite like it currently for sale and don’t know who made it although stylistically its c 1960 and British . It’s 164.5cms high 157.5cms wide and 56cms at its deepest .

When we bought it , it had a heavy dark varnish on it , and the ebonised pieces were in need of refreshing . It was so dark that at first we thought it wasn’t teak , but once the dark varnish was eventually cleaned off we found the lovely teak underneath . It’s now been fully cleaned and oiled and re-ebonised and looks stunning .

Materials: Teak

Price: £1500

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