Pair of 1960s Moller Model 57 rosewood carver chairs by J.L.Moller

Pair of 1960s Moller Model 57 rosewood carver chairs by J.L.Moller

Designed by Niels Moller in the late 1950s and produced by his family firm of J.L.Moller of Denmark . Moller are probably Denmark’s most famous mid-century maker of dining chairs , and they’re one of the few companies who are still producing some of their original designs to this day , This model doesn’t appear to be currently made , and their new chairs are extremely expensive¬† . Moller chairs are known for the equisite and careful restrained detailing which only the best chair makers can produce . Chair making has always been a speciality which is a totally different skill from that used by a cabinet maker .

This lovely pair has been cleaned and oiled and they’re looking great with no signs of damage or wear . The seats are upholstered in their original black imitation leather which back in the 1960s was more commonly used than leather even on the most expensive chairs . Our upholsterer can re-upholster in leather .

Moller Model 57 is the carver version of the more commonly seen Model 75 . Carver chairs were always much more expensive than standard dining chairs so were more of a luxury at a time of less affluence than today , so original vintage ones are really hard to find .

Price: £2250 PAIR

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