Rare Everest 1960s long low teak sideboard ANOTHER SOON

Rare Everest 1960s long low teak sideboard ANOTHER SOON

The one in the photos was one we bought and sold in 2017 . At the time we couldn’t find another of this design on a Google search . and indeed that one is still the only one showing 2.5 years later !

Everest was a small quality maker in the 1950s and 60s and into the 1970s . The present sideboard was bought new from Maples in Bristol in 1964 along with a table and 4 chairs priced together at £95 , which works out at about £2000 taking into account inflation over the last 55 years . This was a typical price for a 6 piece nice quality mid-market teak dining suite at the time .

We’ve been in contact recently with Alan Pledge who designed for Everest circa in the early 1970s . He seems to remember Andrew Milne designing for Everest in the early 1960s on a freelance basis . Andrew Milne is best known for his work for Heals of London in the 1950s . We think it could be possibly be an Andrew Milne design , but as we can’t prove it as yet we’re not attaching his name .

The Everest name is sometimes attached to some interesting late 1950s coffee tables with marquetry tops which are possibly Swedish in manufacture , but possibly made for Everest and usually described as retailed by Heals of London

We really like the unusual black finished metal inset handles , really stylish and sleek .Its a very unusual and individual design and obviously didn’t sell in large numbers at the time . Not all Everest sideboards are labelled as retailers such as Maples didn’t like to sell branded products .

There were some marks to the top when we sourced it from the family of the original owner so it is currently in the queue for cleaning .

A strange size for a British sideboard , as 178cms doesn’t convert to an obvious imperial size whereas most models of the era do .


Materials: teak and black metal

Dimensions: 178cms long 46 deep 76.5 high

Price: £SOON

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