Rare Mid-Century 1960s British teak and maple sideboard by Everest

Rare 1960s British teak and maple sideboard by Everest .


Everest were a small British company making stylish pieces in the 1960s .

If you do a Google picture search you won’t find many of their pieces , possibly because like other small makers they sold through independent quality shops like Heals of London and Chapmans of Newcastle  who didn’t like makers labelling their pieces . The more standard version of this design is all teak , and we’ve had a couple in the last 2 or 3 years .

This one has unusual contrasting doors veneered in maple or satinwood . Some of these paler woods like satinwood  , maple  were used on a very small scale as they are hard to source in enough quantity for making large number of pieces . It’s often difficult to be sure which of these woods has been used as their grains and figuring can look very similar . Also when woods are rarely used  we don’t get enough experience to tell them apart . G Plan used what we think is a birdseye maple on small range of coffee table in the late 1970s , and even their catalogues don’t mention the name of the wood !

Everest used a few different designers over the years , and came up with a few very stylish sideboard models in the 1960s .

When we sourced this sideboard it was looking a little tired , so we’ve had it lightly cleaned and re-polished . We don’t use words like ” stunning ” very often as we think such terms are used too often on standard pieces . We consider this one to be stunning and a bit special . We usually have between 40 and 60 sideboards in stock at any one time , and earlier in the year we sent over 60 to the Far East , so it takes a lot for us to say a sideboard has that bit extra . This one has because of the contrast of the silky pale grained drawers and doors with the teak . We’ve had the odd piece where rosewood and teak have been used on the same piece , but this combination looks far better .

It’s labelled Everest .

Materials: teak + maple /satinwood

Dimensions: 221.5cms long 43 deep 71 high


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