Rare Mogens Kold teak sideboard 183cms possibly Arne Hovmand-Olsen

It’s so rare that we haven’t found another on a google picture search ! The base is a typical Mogens Kold feature , but the cut out drawer handle design isn’t . As with many pieces by this top quality /Danish maker their MK label is fairly hard to spot .

On our www.pureimaginations.co.uk website you’ll find a blog about Mogens Kold and another on their main designer in the early to mid 1960s Arne Hovmand-Olsen .

We sourced this along with other pieces including a set of 4 Mogens Kold chairs which we’re selling with the dining table it came with from a house that had been furnished in c 1963 .

Mogens Kold like their competitors France + Son sold a lot in the UK and the US , so maybe that’s why this model is exactly 6ft in length ( 183cms ) which is a typical British size and definitely not a Scandinavian size . Even so it’s surprising that we can’t find this model online as they were a well known maker who usually always labelled their pieces fully unlike some other companies .

Like all MK furniture of the period it’s top quality made with choice veneers and solid teak construction . All it needed was a light clean after 55 years of careful use by it’s original house-proud owner , then a rub over with teak oil .

Rare Mogens Kold teak sideboard 183cms possibly Arne Hovmand-Olsen

Materials: Teak

Dimensions: Length 183cm

Price: SOLD

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