Rare set of 10 Johannes Andersen rosewood dining chairs Model 94 including carvers

Rare set of 10 Johannes Andersen rosewood dining chairs Model 94 including carvers

There are a few smaller sets of these stylish sculptural Danish dining chairs on the market , but to find an original set of 10 with the extremely scarce carvers is a very rare occurrence . Usually to find a set of more than 6 means matching 2 sets . We had a pair of the carvers a couple of years ago on their own and at the time they were the only ones we could find on the internet . Carver chairs were always an expensive extra , but for some unknown reason this model must have been bought less often than other similar quality of chairs by Moller as these appear to be even rarer than any of the Moller carver chairs .

Johannes Andersen was in the top rank of Danish Mid-Century designers designing for a number of quality Danish makers at the time . This design for Christian Linneberg often appears with a matching table , and this set was no exception . However the table is really just an 8 seater when extended although it will at a push take 10 . We therefore photographed the chairs with a large Arne Vodder rosewood table we have in stock which can seat up to 12 .

At present the chairs are in good vintage condition but our price includes re-polishing them so that they’re as good as they were when bought new in the mid to late 1960s . The cream faux leather upholstery is in very good vintage condition , and was typical of the period when artificial fabrics were more fashionable than natural ones such as leather . Today we may think this is strange so we can get a quote for either leather or fabrics such as wool to replace the off white originals .

These chairs came directly from the house that they’d been in since new .


Price: £7500

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