Richard Hornby for Fyne Ladye Furniture solid afromosia sideboard SOON!

Richard Hornby for Fyne Ladye Furniture solid afromosia sideboard SOON!

Fyne Ladye Furniture of Banbury was one of the few quality British makers to use solid woods for their pieces in the late 1950s and early 1960s . Richard Hornby was a very accomplished designer whose simple elegant clean designs were popular with well off middle class buyers looking for modern Scandinavian style pieces at the time . Fyne Ladye Furniture was rarely labelled and was retailed by top contemporary shops like Heals of London at the time .

Cut out handles are a recogniseable feature of Richard Hornby’s designs along with reeded fronted drawers and they still look modern some 50 plus years later .

The use of afromosia by top quality British makers such as A Younger , Dalescraft and Fyne Ladye is found in pieces from around 1956 to circa 1965 at the latest . Afromosia is also sometimes known as African teak , and is not one of the easiest woods to work with and seems always to have been used in the solid as veneering with it was too difficult . G Plan used afromosia for detailing such as handles and edges for many years . Most of the mid-century pieces we find by Fyne Ladye are in afromosia , although we have had a few pieces in teak .

We don’t see any pieces by Fyne Ladye that would look to date from after around 1965 , so we’re assuming they stopped producing pieces around that time or moved on to a totally different style . If you have any information about Fyne Ladye or Richard Hornby please let us know .

Pieces like this are always beautifully made with lovely neat dovetails , and they will have been noticeably more expensive than those by larger mass market makers like G Plan , Stag , Nathan etc .

It’s 190.5cms long 49cms deep and 81.5cms high .

Materials: solid afromosia

Price: £975

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