Robert Heritage Archie Shine Bridgford sideboard

Robert Heritage for Archie Shine Bridgford rosewood sideboard dating to mid-60s . Robert Heritage was one of the most influential British furniture designers of his generation as he also taught many of the next generation of British designers at the Royal College of Art in London .

Archie Shine sold a lot of their pieces through top retailers like Heals , and the quality of their pieces is always fantastic , and would have been extremely expensive when new . Using the best timbers and veneers along with excellent workmanship to produce pieces that still look modern some 50 years later . Even the back of the sideboard is veneered in rosewood which you’ll only find on the best pieces of the era .

Amazingly we managed to source 2 of these within a couple of weeks of each other , and one sold to a warehouse visitor straight away . This one was rather faded and had a few marks to the top when we bought it . It’s now been cleaned and re-polished with a waxed finish .

Materials: rosewood

Dimensions: 213cms long 77cms high 46 deep

Price: £2750

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