Scarce Mogens Kold teak short Model 511 sideboard by Arne Hovmand Olsen

Scarce Mogens Kold teak short Model 511 sideboard by Arne Hovmand Olsen

These fabulous minimalist sideboards don’t turn up very often , and now we’ve got both the long and the short one as well as the matching chest of drawers . Amazingly we’ve sourced them all from different parts of the country ! We couldn’t find any of these models currently for sale , so to have all 3 at once is a great opportunity if someone would like a set . They will differ slightly in  colour however .

The long version is definitely Model 511 , but we don’t know if this smaller 160cm one has a different number or not . Like it’s full length brother it doesn’t have its MK makers label , but the cut out is there to take one . A number of independent shops didn’t like to sell labelled pieces , so this isn’t unusual . The chest of drawers we have is labelled , but is well hidden from view .

It had a few small marks on it when we sourced it and it was a little faded after some 50 years , but a light clean and oil soon had it looking great again . There are now no obvious marks or scratches , just the very minor signs of wear that you are always going to find if you look at it extremely closely , as even  carefully kept quality pieces will have something if you look hard enough !

Designed in 1964 by Arne Hovmand Olsen this is early minimalism at it’s best by a good quality Danish maker . The drawers just disappear and along with the cupboards show off the grain of the teak to great effect .

Its 160cms long 45cms deep and only 71cms high .


Price: SOLD

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