Set of 6 Kai Kristiansen teak Troja chairs by Magnus Oleson of Denmark

Set of 6 Kai Kristiansen teak Troja chairs by Magnus Oleson of Denmark

Troja is Danish for Trojan! We bought this lovely set of chairs from the family of the original owners who bought them new in the early 1960’s and then had them re-upholstered a few years ago. They’re in lovely vintage condition but will be given a light clean before dispatch. Like most Kai Kristiansen chair designs its a well known model that never seems to be labelled or stamped.

Kai Kristiansen was one of the most successful Mid-Century Danish designers and designed some of the most interesting and recognisable dining chairs of the time. Some, like the Model 31 were produced in vast numbers whilst others like these were really expensive and therefore much rarer today.

Magnus Oleson is one of the few Danish makers who are still producing quality furniture today but most are more recent designs. The design may appear to be simple but it’s actually difficult to produce such clean lines.

These chairs came with a British rectangular table in darker afromosia by A Younger. We’ve had a set of 6 of these before which came with a France and Son large teak gate leg table designed by Hvidt and Molgaard. We have one of these in stock awaiting cleaning which amazingly came with 6 Younger dining chairs which would normally have come with the table that these actually came with!

Materials: Teak

Price: SOLD

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