Sleek low 1960s Swedish teak sideboard by Ulferts cleaned and restored

A lovely quality piece that we recently sourced from the home of the original owner who will have bought it new in the late 1960s or early 1970s . From the same house came 2 lovely Poul Cadovius Danish teak wall systems which we’ve also just added .

Its lower than most mid-century sideboards at only 71cms in height , and slightly shallower at 42cms . Its a typical Scandinavian length at 200cms . It retains its original Ulferts of Tibro label in 1 drawer , and we’ve found a couple more of the same model online marked sold in various parts of Europe !

The Swedish dining furniture that  is most commonly seen in the UK , and next comes Ulferts . Both are lovely quality and the teak is always a nice subdued colour and far less ” orange ” than G Plan and other British makers from the late 1960s .

It had a few small marks and minor damage when we collected it , but a light clean and oil has revived it , and it now looks really fabulous . You have to expect minor signs of wear after around 50 years of use , but there is nothing that would show in a photograph  , and such wear will only be seen on very close inspection .

The main designer that you will find mentioned for Ulferts is Lennart Bender , but we think this is probably by the lesser known Tage Olofsson .

Sleek low 1960s Swedish teak sideboard by Ulferts cleaned and restored

Materials: Teak

Dimensions: 200cms long 71cms high 41 deep

Price: SOLD

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