Stylish Danish small 1960s 3 seat teak sofa

Stylish Danish small 1960s 3 seat teak sofa

As yet we’ve been unable to trace the maker or designer of this lovely smart Danish sofa . It’s amazing how many great pieces like this were made in Denmark  by small quality makers . Although there were a few large known furniture manufacturers such as Fritz Hansen , France + Son and others , there were also still quite a few very small companies and traditional cabinet makers around even in the 1960s . Over time they gradually disappeared , with very few remaining by the late 1960s .

Finn Juhl , Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen are the top names in Danish mid-century design . Then there were around a dozen or more designers such as Arne Vodder , Johannes Andersen , Kai Kristiansen who were well known highly successful names at the time . However in addition to these there were an amazing number of talented architects and designers who on their day were capable of coming up with great pieces like this one . Today many of their pieces have to be described as designer unknown , but from time to time as knowledge increases names can be put to them . In our view a good design is still a good design , whether there is a name to go with it , or not , and even the top names produced some very pedestrian and ordinary pieces from time to time !

We’re also selling the matching pair of chairs , they’re also priced at £1500 , but we will sell them together with the sofa at £2750 .

We bought them locally from owners who had bought it newly re-upholstered around 3 or 4 years ago , so the fabric isn’t as new . However it’s a good neutral colour with little sign of use . We’ve lightly cleaned the teak and it looks great . The fabric is a grey/blue slate with a pale brown fleck in it , so it’s very practical .

Price: SOLD

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