A Younger French walnut hall tables or desks

A Younger French walnut hall tables or desks

The premium British maker A Younger had a very talented chief designer in John Herbert who designed many stylish pieces from c 1956 to the late 1960s . We don’t know the exact dates but in the late 1950s and into the early 1960s he came up with various designs all using the same turned brass handles as with these two pieces . Mainly used on bedroom pieces but also on a couple of sideboards that were still being illustrated in the 1964 catalogue .

These smart and useful pieces started out as dressing tables , but only 1 of them had the mirror fittings on when we sourced them . We think they make ideal tables for a hall , or possibly desks also . Both are things that were rarely made at the time , but which are now often asked for by customers . Due to the height of the kneehole they only work as desks with a stool or a low chair .

We have a 1964 Younger catalogue where a couple of the ranges which show a similar and possibly identical wood which is called “French walnut” . Unfortunately the catalogue is in black and white so we can’t say if it’s the same or not . The wood is definitely not teak , but it also doesn’t look like walnut . It has a lovely silky grain and finish . If you search for French walnut the internet tells you there is no such wood , only American walnut and European walnut . Around 1960 British makers used various woods on contemporary furniture before most decided on teak in around 1962/3 , and for more expensive pieces rosewood . French walnut is actually the same as all other European walnuts apparently , so maybe it was something to do with the cut and finish as the walnut veneers traditionally used at the time had highly figured grains totally unlike that on A Younger pieces like these and the sideboards that we’ve had .

They’re 137cms ( 4ft 6″ ) wide 45.5cms deep and height to top 70cms . In good vintage condition when we got them they’ve been given a light clean and are now in lovely order throughout .

As with many pieces by A Younger the labels are on the back of the back of a drawer as some retailers didn’t like makers names on pieces they were selling back in the day !

Price: £675 EACH

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