Erik Worts a little known Danish designer

Erik Worts a little known Danish designer was born in 1916 and died in 1997.

He was a prolific and talented designer whose first designs appear in the late 1930s. His most famous design is a Safari chair which was produced in quite large numbers. If you search in the Furniture Design Index on the Danish Design Museum website you’ll find a large number of designs illustrated , more than a number of much better known names of the same era. Many of these designs were for Henrik Worts Mobelsnedkeri which translates as Cabinet Maker. This presumably was a small family business making one off pieces or in very small quantities.

Later on in the 1950s and 1960s he designed for the well known Danish sofa and chair manufacturer of Eilersen and the small quality firm of Kjellerup Mobelfabrik.

The light oak chest of drawers was sourced by us in Sweden and sold in early 2017 to an Italian customer.

The miniature sideboard in light oak and wenge is a very distinctive design which was made by Kjellerup in a range of sizes. We’ve found the odd piece from the range online but not many. The use of wenge in the 1960s was unusual anywhere not only in Denmark. It’s distinctive grain contrasting with the more standard light oak is particularly nice.

Wenge is more usually seen on contemporary pieces from the late 1990s onwards so it’s use on a Danish piece from the era of teak and rosewood is very rare .

Some designers like Hans Wegner, Finn Juhl, Arne Jacobsen and Ib Kofod Larsen  were not only true geniuses but they were also good at getting their name in magazines and garnering publicity whilst others preferred to stay in the background. The very talented Illum Wikkelso was little known until the last 7 or 8 years, other talented Danish designers such as Kurt Ostervig and Poul Volther amongst others really deserve to be better known .

Take a look at the lovely small sideboard we have for sale