Gimson + Slater c 1970 who are these people with charisma ?

Gimson + Slater c 1970 who are these people with charisma .

Gimson + Slater were a small quality company making very contemporary sofas and chairs in the 1960s and 1970s . They are best known for their Norwegian Rock and Rest chair from c 1960 which is sometimes wrongly sold as being a Gio Ponti design ! We’ve got one that’s awaiting some restoration currently . Some people say it was designed in Norway , and indeed the mechanism it uses is Norwegian , but it’s identical to one we have on a lovely Danish chair designed by Ib Kofod Larsen , so maybe that’s the only Norwegian connection .

We’re avid collectors of original catalogues from the late 1950s to late 1970s . They’re fascinating and some like this Gimson + Slater can be very stylish and imaginative . We think this one must date to c 1970 for various reasons . Some of the celebrities used were major names in their day , and therefore it wouldn’t have been cheap to put together . Presumably it was used as part of an advertising campaign with individual pieces being used in colour magazines at the time . Unfortunately it doesn’t have prices , and nor does it show any pieces that we’ve ever had .

The front page has a typically dotty photo of Spike Milligan , whilst the back has Eric Sykes , both top comedians in their day . Inside you’ll spot a young Roy Hudd and not shown in this blog Clement Freud . We also recognised Patrick Campbell who c 1969 became a team captain on Call My Bluff , which is where are dating comes from . Then there is Georgie Fame a very successful pop star in the 1960s , but who are the other people ? Please help us .

I thought that it was golfer Peter Alliss seated on the red sofa with another man in a smart blazer , but my golfing friends said definitely not . Then just as I was writing this another name came into my head a Radio presenter called Bennie Green , and having just looked on google images I think it could be him ! But if so , who is the other guy ?

The gentleman seated in the pin stripe suit reminded me of an actor called David Hemmings , but he was born in 1941 .  This guy looks to be in his early 40s , so too old be him in around 1970 when David would have been only 29 .

The only lady looks only vaguely familiar , but it could be that she reminds me of somebody who I saw at the theatre a couple of years ago  , or maybe it was the lady in John Lewis !

It would be lovely to know who all these people are , so if you know please get in touch . The chair that i’d love to have is The Apollo swivel chair shown with red seat  next to the very tall Patrick Campbell , an urbane and witty gentleman who had a bit of a stutter . This chair and another only shown in a line drawing called the Globus are really stylish . The Apollo has an outer surface of moulded polystyrene with a permanent white finish , with detacheable cushions . It sits on a swivel aluminium base which looks to be much nicer quality than you normally see on 1960s swivel chairs . It also looks to be quite comfortable unlike the Globus chair .

Most of the fully upholstered sofas and chairs will have long gone as they would be too expensive to re-upholster , but hopefully some of the swivel chairs are still around . We do see a number of cheaper ones by firms such as Greaves + Thomas in auctions and on Ebay , so undoubtedly some will have survived 40-50 years of use . They’re often really hard to re-upholster , so it’s only the best ones like these by Gimson + Slater that we’d consider buying .