The Team


We’re calling this section Meet the Team, it’s about us as individuals, as well as what we collectively bring together here at Pure Imagination Ltd. Each of us brings skills, knowledge, our tastes, but overall our passion.

All the pieces on this website are here because we believe they share important features. Firstly it’s about quality, quality of manufacture and quality of design. Secondly none of them are found in great quantities, so once they’re gone they’re gone, and from past experience if we can find them again they’ll be more expensive. We don’t purely look for names, as even the best designers and makers produced some very ordinary things in their time, and also some famous designs are now either too expensive or subject to being badly copied in countries where labour is cheap.

Unlike many similar businesses you’ll find selling Mid-Century and Antique sofas and chairs we prefer to let our customers choose their own colours, textures and finishes, rather than us choosing the latest and safest options. A lot of our customers wish to use their own Imagination so as much as possible we want to give you a blank canvas and let you make each piece unique.

Sometimes we have chosen to re-upholster pieces, particularly when the original condition was so well used that most buyers would find it difficult to see beyond its current state. On other occasions, where it’s viable, we’ve removed existing fabrics and covered or part-covered the piece in a fire-retardant barrier cloth, which is often a necessary stage in restoration of Mid Century pieces, to meet current UK regulations for upholstered furniture which applies to all pieces made after 1950.

It’s taken a few years to find the right people with the right skills, but now we have a small group of enthusiastic people who we’re proud to call THE TEAM!

Our  website is aimed at more standard mid 20th Century pieces, many of them offering great value, and sometimes of equal quality to pieces on this website. Some pieces may appear on both websites particularly as the Vintage Retro website is more widely known at this time.

After over 20 years as a chartered surveyor and auctioneer running a local north-east auction rooms Andrew Tavroges decided  it was time for a change . I’d collected modern studio glass for a few years , and went off to Sweden and toured the glass works , returning a year later to buy some  Scandinavian glass and decorative items . Pure Imagination Ltd was formed a year or two later , and slowly moved into Danish Mid-Century furniture as well . Since then the business has grown to cover British and French pieces , and also some varied pieces from previous eras.