Rarely seen Gimson and Slater Cresta suite with dark teak frame 1962

Rarely seen Gimson and Slater Cresta suite with dark teak frame 1962

This set is one we recently managed to source in the far north of Scotland , but in 2020 we had a single rocking chair on it’s own which needed re-upholstery . Prior to that about 5 years ago we sold a set in original black vinyl . We had seen a couple of other sets over the last few years but along with a later design called the Halo from 1965 nobody had managed to discover who had made them . Eventually research at The British Library came good and we can now say that the quality firm of Gimson and Slater were the makers , but unfortunately they don’t seem to credit their designers . They’re best known for a lovely Rock n Rest chair with jutting out arms that was marketed only as being by a Norwegian designer in their adverts . We have 1 late 1960s Gimson and Slater catalogue , which is shown in a previous blog .

This current suite had been re-upholstered in a brown fairly neutral fabric probably around the year 2000 . It’s in good condition , but may not suit potential buyers .

The Cresta and Halo sofas are both large 2 seaters , and they only seem to have been made in that size . The rocking chairs retailed at £39 10 shillings , the standard chair at £36 5 shillings and the sofa at £62 11 shillings and 6 pence ! A lot of money in 1962 , as together taking inflation into account that would be just over £3100 which was a lot of money at the time . However not many suites made today will still be around in 60 years time , and if they are will they still look as stylish and modern !

The frames are solid afrormosia which is a darker African teak which was used by good makers like Guy Rogers and Toothill at the time .

If anybody has a Gimson and Slater catalogue from the 1960’s other than the one we’ve got please let us know . We were sent photos recently of a 1970’s Gimson and Slater suite in original fabric which was large and fully upholstered and of fabulous quality , but although stylish it wasn’t different enough to warrant the high costs of re-upholstery . This one is usable as is , but is relatively simple to do and our upholsterer has recently done a rocking chair as well as a Halo sofa , so knows what is involved which always helps .