Spotlight on Mogens Kold one of Denmark’s top mid-century furniture makers

Spotlight on Mogens Kold one of Denmark’s top mid-century furniture makers

The Kold family set up a sawmill in 1914 and by 1925 under Martin Kold they had the largest hardwood sawmill in Denmark. In 1950 Martin’s son Mogens established Mogens Kold Mobelfabrik just as Danish designers were becoming well known outside Denmark and when there was an abundance of properly trained craftsmen who could produce pieces of the highest quality. After a fire they moved to larger premises and concentrated on the burgeoning export market for beautifully designed Danish furniture in the US, UK and Europe. By the time Mogens handed over the business to his son Soren in 1986 international sales were plummeting and the business like so many such companies didn’t survive much longer.

In the UK Danish contemporary furniture was its most popular from around 1957 to 1968 and Mogens Kold along with France + Son was one of the most successful suppliers of quality furniture to the UK market. Most of the pieces we see in the UK today will have been bought new by well off British buyers at a time when the British economy was at it’s strongest. The devaluation of the £ in 1967 by 14% along with an economic downturn will have affected sales considerably as would income tax rises for those on higher earnings.

We’ve just bought a Mogens Kold sideboard and dining chairs from the family of the original owners who bought them new in around 1963/64 . The sideboard is 183cms long and is a model that we haven’t found on a google picture search so it must be quite rare. 183cms is exactly 6ft which is a size that would indicate that it was made for the British or American market as it’s not a Danish size.

Mogens Kold labels from the 1960’s are really nice but they’re often to be found underneath cabinets and not are always noticeable. Not all their pieces are labelled, the chairs that came with the sideboard weren’t . Some high-end retailers didn’t like to sell pieces that were labelled with makers names back in the 1960’s and prior to the early 1960’s their pieces were usually stamped.

Mogens Kold used a number of designers, the most prolific being Arne Hovmand-Olsen, Rud Thygesen, Ole Gjerlov-Knudsen, Adrian Heath and Leif Alring also designed regularly for them and apparently Nanna Ditzel and Ib Kofod-Larsen are known to have worked for them too.

We’re always looking to buy Mogens Kold pieces as they’re always beautifully made with nice quality detailing using really good timbers and veneers. As with all the best quality pieces we source from the 1950’s and 1960’s marks are usually easy to remove.