It’s stylish , its 1960s , it’s cool and designed by Nigel Walters for Vanson

It’s stylish , it’s 1960s , it’s cool and designed by Nigel Walters for Vanson

It looks as if Twiggy or Barbie perhaps should be sitting at it doing their make-up . You’d certainly have to be agile as it’s low , and not for somebody too large as you couldn’t perch on it for long unless you’re very petite !

We bought this at auction and spent ages trawling through books and online images , but found nothing anything like it so thought it might be a one off , however a recent furniture design book we’ve added to our library illustrates it . The book ” Furniture in Britain today was published in 1964 , and most of the designs are from around 1961 to 1963 , although a couple are earlier . Peter Hayward was Vanson’s main designer in the late 1950s and early 1960s . Nigel Walters is probably best known for his 1950s designs for Heals and his later kitchen designs for Wrighton , but was a very influential teacher as Head of Interior Design at the Central School of Arts and Crafts .

The mix of a small and large mirror on a dressing table was a feature on one of Walter’s designs for Heals , but this piece is even funkier . Vanson were at their peak in the late 1950s and seem to have disappeared in the mid 1960s along with other smaller quality makers like Fyne Ladye Furniture . This piece would not have sold in large numbers .

The smaller mirror swivels and angles , whereas the larger one just swivels . The stool itself may have originally been meant to swivel also , but there is no need really for this . The use of a white laminate makes it great for wiping clean after use . But we still can’t decide whether it’s actually that practical and useable as an everyday piece . Great as a film prop or for a beauty blogger on Facebook perhaps , but not something many people would use every day .

As soon as we saw it we decided we just had to buy it even though we knew it’s not going to be the easiest piece to sell perhaps . As to value and pricing , we could say find another one , we could say find somebody to make one and how much would it cost , or we could just pluck a figure from mid-air !

We are now looking to do some research on Nigel Walters so if anybody can put us in touch with one of his daughters that would be great .