The fabulous Danish dropleaf tables that are either Kurt Ostervig or Niels Koefoed . The first time i saw one of these beautiful pieces it was as a young auctioneer in the 1980’s . It was in rosewood and came from a local house clearance in South Shields . Unlabelled we described it as Danish and it was sold for £350 plus 5% Lot Money ( prior to Buyers Premium ! ) and went to a local antique dealer who fell in love with it . She kept for her own house .

Over the years as an auctioneer and then as a dealer i came across quite a few of them as they were very popular in the Newcastle / Sunderland area in the 1960’s . Usually they’re found in teak or rosewood , but i have a vague memory of seeing one many years ago in light oak ! Most seem to have been bought from a local shop that specialised in Scandinavian furniture with branches in Newcastle and Sunderland . The shop was called Adrian Share and they seemed to have sold about half the ones that come up for sale in the UK as so many appear for sale in the locality . This model and the other really stylish Danish dropleaf or gateleg table by Peter Hvidt for France and Son weren’t made for the Danish market it seems as they rarely come up for sale in Denmark . When they do appear for sale there they’ve often actually from the UK in the last few years ! We sold some of each model there and know of another British dealer who sent a few also .

For many years nobody attributed a designer to this distinctive model , but then around 2010 at a guess they started to be described as being by the well known designer Kurt Ostervig and made by Jason Mobler . Nobody seems to have seen one with any labelling and the only Jason pieces we’ve come across have been rather boring occasional tables ! Recently Anders Koefoed one of Niels Koefoed’s sons approached a dealer with one for sale saying it was his father who designed and made the tables and he produced a contemporary advert as proof of this . It just needs one person to start a story and soon it’s being passed on incorrectly and becomes established . Today this is called ” Fake News ” and unfortunately we’ve found a few similar things happening as regards a number of British pieces , but that’s another story !

Adrian Share was ahead of the field in the Newcastle area as regards selling Scandinavian and British design , but unfortunately his business didn’t survive the changes in taste in the 1970’s . His aunt and cousin however went down a more populist route selling upholstered furniture and developed their SCS company into a very successful large national company !

Recently we were offered this lovely model locally . It had been bought circa 1962/63 presumably from Adrian Share . We also bought a lovely British sideboard that had come there in 1968 which the original owners were selling as it was too large for their new bungalow . They had the identical table , but they still had room for it so it wasn’t for sale . The 2 tables were only a couple of miles apart and we saw both within a fortnight ! They were expensive when new as they had cost the equivalent of around £2000-£2500 at a time when many people had far less disposable income than they do today . You have to remember that car ownership and foreign holidays are so much more common now than in the 1960’s . We often find we can wait 2 or 3 years to find something rare and then see 2 or 3 appear within a very short time .