We’re still finding A Younger pieces by John Herbert that we’ve not had before !

We’re still finding A Younger pieces by John Herbert that we’ve never had before !

John Herbert was one of the most accomplished British furniture designers of his generation , yet so far little is known about him . We’ve been told that he died sometime in the mid 1970’s but that’s all we have so far discovered . He was a very prolific designer , and many of his designs were so successful that we were made for many years . He only seems to have worked for A Younger and died whilst still in their employment . His Volnay range that was ahead of it’s time in 1957 was still in the Younger catalogues in 1967 so it’s not surprising that there are lots of that series around today .

In the late 1950’s up until 1968 A Younger were a high end maker of stylish contemporary furniture . As the market changed in the late 1960’s they had to become more competitive to survive and as a result their ranges were greatly reduced .

In the late 1950’s and up until 1968 A Younger would introduce new ranges every year whilst keeping their existing models . The annual Earls Court exhibitions in London were the time that most new designs were introduced even though Youngers were never at the main hall which was open to the paying public . Firms like White and Newton , Younger and Dalescraft who mostly sold through independent shops took spaces in hotels and other venues where their latest lines would be shown to the all important retail buyers . It was these buyers who would decide what to stock , so if they didn’t like something it wouldn’t appear in their shops . Companies like G Plan worked more like a modern day concession and would decide what the shops would put on display . Some designs failed just because the retail buyers didn’t think pieces were commercial in their area , others because they were too expensive .

We’ve only seen this fantastic large chest of drawers once before , so we were really thrilled to get the opportunity to buy one . It will have been much more expensive to make than the Codan chest which we’ve had quite a few times before . We’ve got various Younger catalogues , but none with price-lists but the capacious Codan must have been expensive compared with G Plan , Austinsuite , White and Newton chests that were for sale in the 1960’s , and this model is larger and has an expensive rosewood veneer to the drawers so it will have been a premium product when new . It’s not shown in any of the catalogues we have ( 1961 , 64 , 65 and 66 ) . We did make a Google search and couldn’t find another .

All the A Younger bedroom ranges were named after hotels , whilst their sideboards were named after alcoholic beverages ! Hopefully one day soon we’ll find the name of this range . As always if you have any information about John Herbert please let us know . People do contact us from time to time with interesting snippets about companies and designers .