Arne Vodder design or not an Arne Vodder design ?

Arne Vodder design or not an Arne Vodder design ?

If you look at the top 3 Danish designers Hans Wegner , Finn Juhl and Hans Wegner then virtually all their designs are well known and documented . In the next level down comes Arne Vodder and 10 or 12 others some of whom need to be further researched as their names are often wrongly used on occasions . Strangely it’s Arne Vodder whose name is linked incorrectly more often than any Danish designer of his era !

It seems that every sideboard or chest with his characteristic curved handles is automatically described as Arne Vodder . It’s certainly a feature that was easy to adapt and use on so many other cabinet pieces . There are a number of other designs which seem to have been adapted and imitated by other designers which today are wrongly attributed to Vodder who was undoubtedly one of Denmark’s most successful Mid-Century designers .

This sideboard by H P Hansen is often described as an Arne Vodder design , but without any apparent proof being given . Having looked in the Danish Design Museum Furniture Index of known designs , he is shown as designing a significant number of sideboards but all by the same maker of Sibast ( P Olsen Mobelfabrik ) . Our view is that if it’s a sideboard or chest and not a known Sibast model then it’s unlikely to be an Arne Vodder design .

Arne Vodder’s name does add cachet and value to a piece , but it should not be used without a lot more care than it is . His isn’t the only Danish or British name that is used too often without proof , sometimes it’s laziness , sometimes its just careless repetition which everyone follows , and often it’s just to make something more desirable ! We believe that this lovely sideboard is a good stylish piece whether it is a Vodder design or not , and offered at a non Vodder price as it is here then it’s great value .

Let’s face it not all Hans Wegner designs are wonderful , many are not , and the same goes for all designers . A great designer on a good day will design a fantastic piece , but a little known designer can also have a great day occasionally also . We’re always looking out for those great pieces by lesser known designers or indeed those by as yet unknown ones !