Archie Shine teak Gloucester sideboard designed by Robert Heritage

Archie Shine teak Gloucester sideboard designed by Robert Heritage

We’ve never had this 6ft version before , but did sell the larger 8ft one a couple of years ago . Neither size come up for sale very often . We bought this one directly from the family of the original owner who bought it new in the 1960’s . It had a few minor mark on it when we got as most do after over 50 years of even careful use , so we’ve had it cleaned and re-finished . It’s now looking great with no obvious , marks or damage , just the very minor signs of wear that you have to expect if you inspect any vintage piece very closely .

The teak has a lovely grain and shine to it which not all pieces do have , so it’s a good example of a model that like all Archie Shine sideboards doesn’t come up for sale very often . Archie Shine was a relatively small up-market maker whose pieces were sold through Heals of London and a select group of top provincial retailers at a premium price . Robert Heritage was probably the best British designer of cabinet pieces of his time designing lovely pieces not only for Archie Shine but also for other makers , but it is his varied designs for Shine that are best known today . Apart from his pioneering Hamilton range , none of his other sideboard designs come up for sale that often as they were never made in large numbers .

It’s 183cms long , 46cms deep and 76cms high .

Price: SOLD

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