Smart continental 1950s satinwood lady’s dressing table

Smart continental 1950s satinwood lady’s dressing table . We found this lovely unusual piece in The Netherlands , but it could be Belgian , French or German . It’s got a very high polish to the satinwood with top quality brass and ebonised handles . Dressing tables were part of every British bedroom in the twentieth century , but really rare in European homes , so we see very few on our travels to Belgium , Holland and Denmark . This one is a real stand-out statement piece . Even the backs of the swing mirrors have a high polish veneer , and although the back of the central mirror is fully veneered it isn’t polished . It’s a sign of real quality to have the backs of mirrors in matching veneers . British mirrors are virtually always just plywood and not designed to be seen .

As to date we reckon on style and construction it will date to the late 1950s or very early 1960s . It’s in lovely vintage condition with very few signs of wear , just 2 or 3 very small knocks which are only obvious when its very closely inspected . We think the wood is satinwood , but if not it’s very similar as there is not the grain you’d expect to see from other light woods such as sycamore , maple or birch .


Price: £975

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