Stunning rare rosewood White and Newton bar box by Phillip Hussey 1965

Stunning rare rosewood White and Newton bar box by Phillip Hussey 1965

See our blog about this lovely piece . It’s taken about 5 years to find one and we have been looking at auctions and elsewhere, but this is the first one we’ve seen other than in a White and Newton catalogue and in a 1965 trade paper called The Cabinet Maker. Designed by Phillip Hussey, not long after he joined White and Newton of Portsmouth as their designer in 1964 when he was only 24. This liquor bar was launched in early 1965 at a London Exhibition. Phillip Hussey has confirmed to us that very few were made. It was a luxury item at the time and if you look online you rarely see even Danish versions by Dyrlund only very occasionally .

We don’t use the word stunning very often as we think it’s overused and rarely justified but in this case we think it is. It was well used when we sourced it but luckily the many marks were superficial and with time and expertise were removed and the piece re-polished. The exterior is rosewood veneered and they’ve chosen a lovely figured grain along with the white laminate. Internally it’s lined in sycamore .

The interior has been thought through cleverly with space for stemmed glasses to be hung on a pull out fitting, other glasses can stand on the glass shelf with smaller bottles underneath, and larger bottles to the bottle stand to the right.

It was apparently also available in teak but along with a G Plan teak counterpart called a Liquor Locker we only know that they are meant to exist as we’ve never seen any before. The G Plan one can be seen in the High Wycombe G Plan archive and if you have one please let us know .


Materials: Rosewood

Dimensions: width 79.5cm / depth 43cm / height 51

Price: £1175

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